kari kisch beauty and makeup artist

Kari Kisch

Kari Kisch sees unique beauty in everyone and everything. And she’s turned her passion into a distinguished 20-year career as a master stylist, makeup artist, and fashion consultant for celebrities, salons, film, and stage.

Known and respected for flawless preparation, innovative perspective, and perfect execution, Kari is comfortable creating looks that are stylishly chic, lived in, natural, theatrical, character, and larger than life. Versatility is her middle name and you’ll often find her in a vintage Pucci blouse, with a pair of Cavalli jeans, a Prada cross-body iPad case, and just a touch of Jimmy Choo. The entire outfit is thrifted, and of course, her makeup is always flawless.

From the age of five, as a contestant in national dance competitions, Kari showed a natural gift for image, fashion, and presentation. After teaching herself to apply her own makeup, she was soon the unofficial stylist at every competition. Throughout her teenage years, Kari studied the fashion industry and continued to hone her craft. She soon became a trendsetter and icon in the Minneapolis underground music scene, most notably at GlamSlam, where she hung out with Prince and superproducer Jimmy Jam.

With a natural gift for predicting style trends, Kari took her talents to Mac Cosmetics as a corporate trainer for more than 50 retail venues across the country. A consummate professional, Kari is part stylist, confidant, therapist, and genuine friend to all of her clients.

“To do my best work, I need to create a personal connection with my clients. I love what I do, and I work really hard, but the key for me is having that trust with clients where I can see their individual beauty and transform them with the perfect look.”

Kari’s work has graced the pages of GQ, Real Simple, MORE, and Natural Solutions. She’s been featured on television and is routinely requested for style consultations on such dignitaries as first lady Michelle Obama. Her celebrity clients have included Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, and Carmelo Anthony. She’s styled with Kim Vo, is regularly seen behind the scences at Mrs America, and works regularly with agencies around the globe.

She also serves as President for Bhumi Makeup Brushes, a new industry standard line that Kari specified and developed for professional stylists, salons, and direct consumers.

A self-described gypsy and savvy businesswoman, Kari is a student of the world. She travels and works internationally and is as at home on the beaches of Morocco as she is in Milan, New York, Chicago, LA, or any of the world’s fashion centers. She keeps a permanent home in Colorado as a retreat from the set and runway, where she lives with her kitty, Griseé, who of course, is always perfectly groomed.

Unlike the characters she often creates and styles, Kari Kisch is the same person whether she’s on set or out with friends, always quick with a smile, hug, and kind word.

“Kari has tremendous talent and the biggest heart. She’ll give you the shirt off her back without questions, and of course, you’ll look great in it,” say longtime friend and ad agency executive, Steve Reilly.